Austral Rigging Services

Precast erection:

Austral Rigging provide experienced crews, including riggers, cranes, welders and all necessary equipment to erect concrete panels in a safe and proper manor.
Austral Rigging have long term clients that have been using their expertise in getting the job done right. They provide a service that clients appreciate, from setting out, installing, propping, welding off plates, patching, grouting and caulking. Yes we provide a full service that most companies don't.

Rigging & Dogmen Services:

Austral Rigging offers their clients with fully qualified riggers & dogman.
Our riggers & dogman are fully trained in all aspects of steel & panel erection.  We offer our clients professional teams that take pride in their work.

Steel erection

Installation on any project is a crucial part of the construction process. All members in our install teams are qualified for working at heights and have vast experience in the set out and installation of structural steel in a safe and efficient manner. We also provide the following services:

  • Cranes and Access Equipment
  • Mobile/ on site welding

Core drilling:

Core drilling provides a means of cutting precise circular holes in materials such as reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick and other materials. Our drilling rigs are capable of drilling core holes from 18mm to 160mm in diameter and to virtually any depth required. All machines are designed to drill through floors and walls and most angles.